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About Karnataka

Karnataka is a state in the southwestern region of India. Originally known as the State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The state corresponds to the Carnatic region; its capital city is Bangalore. It is the only southern state with land borders with the other four southern Indian sister states. The diverse linguistic and religious ethnicities native to Karnataka, combined with their long histories, have contributed immensely to the varied cultural heritage of the state.


With its diverse geography and long history, Karnataka hosts numerous spots of interest for tourists. There is an array of ancient, sculptured temples, modern cities, scenic hill ranges, forests, and beaches. Karnataka has been ranked as the fourth most popular destination for tourism among the states of India. 

About Bangalore

Known as both the "Garden City" and "The Silicon Valley of India," Bangalore (officially "Bengaluru") is a techie's paradise, boasting the highest concentration of IT companies in the country. After geeking out, plenty of gardens, museums, natural features, palaces, and temples fill your dance card.


Bangalore is also a major center of Indian classical music, dance, and vivid, cutting-edge nightlife. You can also experience cultural diversity here with people from all over the country living in this city. Bangalore has a discernible youthful vibe and modernity alongside old-world charm; thus, you will feel right at home. Walking around the city, you can admire the historical masterpieces of Indo-Saracenic and Neo-Dravidian architectural styles that sit alongside glass-covered skyscrapers. 

 Though Kannada is the city's regional language, people also have a good grasp of the English language. Hence, you won't face any difficulty while speaking to the natives. Apart from Kannada and English, a few other languages spoken here are Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi, as there are many migrant residents here.

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